What People Are Saying

February 5

Hi Lorri:

Just a quick note to let you know that the package of hand made valentines was received today. I opened the attractive box this evening, and just as I hoped they are PERFECT!

Thank-you for taking the time to care by responding immediately and honoring my request for printing. The colored ink matches every design so well. I can't wait to send each card this weekend so they will arrive early. I'm sure my greeting will delight all my "special valentines".

I feel fortunate to have found your web site and look forward to ordering more cards hopefully in the near future. I'll let you know about all the positive comments that I expect to receive. You are the best!


February 12

I gave away the first of the sets of promise cards I ordered, and this is what my friend wrote to me:

"Hi there, I found the cards last night, thanks so much, I read thru all of them last night and they are sooooooo wonderful. What an AWESOME gift!!!!! Thank You, Thank You!! I am keeping them in the kitchen so that I can pick a card to read daily, I am so Grateful having you as a friend and a prayer buddy."

Dr. A.J.

February 13

Hi Lorri,
I have gotten several of your Scripture Cards and just want to let you know that I still am getting “feedback” about them.

One friend just asked me last night how to get in contact with you as she is interested in them to pass along to another friend. She was very touched with the cards as she was going through the process of a very sick husband when I got the cards for her, and since then, he did pass away.

I know my sister-in-law ordered some at Christmas time as she was thrilled with the one she received.

One friend just thought it just a generic set of “daily scripture” cards, but was awed when she realized that every card had her name on it. She also has breast cancer and is facing more trials.

Anyway, I felt compelled to email and let you know what a blessing it has been to the ones I’ve gotten them for. They have been very touched with the personalization.

Thanks and God Bless,

March 13

Hi Lorri~

I wanted to say thank you one more time for the Keepers Cards, the lovely gift box you sent them in, the sweet note, and most of all, the love you shared thru this awesome gift.

Lorri, I cannot begin to express with words how much your care package means. As you could tell when I called to say thanks, I was having a very difficult day. What an amazing thing for me to have this package sent by you and delivered by mail on perhaps the worst day battling my illness in well over a year!

I love the little cards. What a great idea and your gift for personalizing each one really gave me the spiritual and emotional encouragement I so desperately needed.

Craig (www.Bibleanswerstand.org)

March 18

Hi Lorri,
Just wanted to let you know I've given a lot of gifts over the years, but NEVER have I had the kind of responses I've received to those I blessed with your Personalized Scripture Promises. I think you've probably heard from a lot of the ladies because many said they were going to place orders.

In His Love,

April 3

Lorri -

I have been searching and searching and searching to find a line of unique greeting cards and I came across your address and visited your site.They are obsolutely amazing and leaps and bound above anything I have seen and I have a weakness for a good card.

You see, I am into the gift basket business and like yourself, we are different from the competition.We do not do run of the mill gift baskets, we do them differently and the customers love them.So we are looking a line of cards to add to our unique gift basket line and would be very interested in carrying the entire line in our gift offering. Believe it would compliment my product offering very well.

Are you interested in entering the Jamaican market? We have a forwarding address in Florida so all you would need to do is ship to this address in Miami Florida.


Lloyd G. (Exquisite Tea, Ltd.)

April 3

Hi, We're starting a small business in Reno, NV and want a limited card line. Do you sale wholesale and if so what are your prices? Your cards are wonderful!

Thank you.

Joyce W.

April 3

The card arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you so much.


April 4

Thank you, Lorri for your Scripture Promise Cards. They are wonderful! I continue to enjoy my set given to me several years ago by my sister-in-law. Little did she know the ripple effect that one gift would have. I have just placed my fourth order for Scripture Promise Cards and the blessings and encouragement to those who receive them just continues on and on. Thank you so much for sharing God's Living Word with us and may you be blessed beyond measure in your heart, soul and service to Him.

I want to share some of the comments I've received from those I gave the Scripture Promise Cards to for Christmas 2011.

"The scripture cards have been such an amazing gift. Every morning when I find a new card, I hear the voice of God talking to me." ~Stephanie

"The Promise Cards are one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I really love them. It is so special to read my own name in each promise. I have already ordered some for 3 of my friends!" ~Karen

"Thank you so much for the (very cool!), personalized pack of God's promises. What a neat find! I can guarantee that I will draw strength from them in this coming year of great transition." ~Andrea

"Thank you so much for the personalized scripture cards. It is a wonderful treat! I've enjoyed reading one each day." ~Kay

"Carol, I can't adequately tell you how much the Scripture Promise Cards mean to me. Reading Scripture with that level of personalization is simply amazing. I've bookmarked the woman's website and plan to buy them for every woman in my Life Group soon. Such a great find! Thank you so much for sharing them with me." ~Linda

"Thank you again for my wonderful cards, it's like the Lord Jesus is talking to me!!!" ~Sharon

Lorri, as you can see, God has blessed so many through the Scripture Promise Cards.

Concerning Sharon - she had been very ill for a couple of years. After she got the scripture cards, she said she read every single one of them. Then she read through them two more times. She then called me (something she hadn't been able to do for a long time) and said she was better. She said her healing began with the "Lord Jesus talking to me" through the personalized Scripture Promise Cards. She sounded like herself, and it has continued to be so.

Many thanks Lorri for the work you are doing and Praise God for the blessing of His Living Word.


April 6

Only four days ago I received my set of Scripture Promise Cards as a thank-you gift from a lovely friend in my Bible study group. I had not the slightest idea as I lifted the tissue from the bag what a precious blessing I held in my hands. I deal with devastating chronic illness, and to see my own name right in the middle of God's Word just touched me to the point of tears. I pick out a different card every few hours and carry it around with me. Just know that our Lord was using YOU as His special messenger when you personalized my cards!

With so much admiration for you and your ministry to those of us who need a touch of encouragement.


Apr. 11

Hello Lorri,

I found your cards quite by accident while I was looking for some unusual cards to be used as an invitation for a company function. I really love the looks of your Simply Natural cards. I would like to know the size of these cards and what kind of envelope accompanies these cards. Also, would they need special postage and how easy is that material to write on, as I need to make it an invitation.

My company has recently renovated a ravine behind our office complex and we are having a showing with the beautification committee in June along with a lunch. These would be perfect for the occasion. I will need 16 of them.

Do you also do any printing? Thank you for your time in this matter and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Marcy B.
P.C. Construction & Development LLC

(Note: Lorri and Marcy worked together to word the invitations and Lorri custom printed inside liners for this special occasion. Marcy wrote back to say thanks for making her "look really good" to her boss.)

May 13


I just love your cards, they are so beautiful. I'm opening a store and was wondering if you offer wholesale accounts. I would love to offer your cards to my customers.

My store is Judy's Shabby Boutique. We carry the line Shabby Chic, by Rachel Ashwell - also wedding supplies. We are looking for a greeting card line.

Please let me know if you offer wholesale.

Thank you,

(Note: Yes, I do wholesale.)

May 25 (custom wedding card)

Dear Lorri-

I would like anyone who goes on your website to read this.

I ordered a wedding card from you, and you were very sweet, HONEST, professional - and everything you told me that you were going to do on my card- you did and more. I am very pleased with your work and work ethic. If only more people on the internet were as genuine as you. Anyone who wants a special/custom card made, I would direct them to you!

Thank You and Many Blessings,

May 29

Dear Lorri,

I finally had a chance to check out your website. What a fun and encouraging business. Your art is beautiful and inspiring as is your story about your start.

I mailed you a card today, but I wanted to tell you again now that I have seen your website, that both Leilani and Lori were touched by the scripture cards I gave them. I am excited to give the rest of them this weekend at graduation. I sent another set to my friend in Pueblo and know they will bless her, too.

Also, your beautiful mailing boxes encourage even the postal workers from Colorado to Hawaii.

Well, my break from writing report cards is over - back to work I go. I look forward to ordering from you again and keeping in touch, :-).

If you ever visit Maui, get in touch with me.


May 30

Good Morning Lorri,
I wanted to thank you. I received the card in the mail and it is absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing, beautiful job and I wanted to say thank you and let you know how much your work is appreciated.

I hope you have an amazing day.


May 31

Dear Lorri,

Thank you so much for the prompt mailing of the scripture cards. They will be perfect gifts for graduation. I really like the gray marble option for guys. Thank you also for the note cards, I LOVE THEM! Another perfect gift to add to my list. I appreciate you.

God's Blessings,

June 29

"Wonders" wrote:

I finally had a moment to breathe and write you. When I received your cards, I was in awe! The box they came in was so beautiful, I didn't want to open it. You do wonderful work. Thanks so much for rushing the order to me...you are a walking angel.


July 1

Hi Lorri,

I received the card yesterday and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you sending it so quickly. It is breath taking and beautiful. I am thrilled and excited to be giving it to my wife on Saturday (our 2nd anniversary). I look forward to ordering more of your unique and wonderful work.

Thank you!
Terence B.

July 5

Thank you for the beautiful card! It's perfect:) Also, the scriptures were an added touch. Thanks for your prayers. I will highly recommend you to my friends!!!

In Him,

July 15

Lorri, I loved receiving these cards as a gift from a very sweet friend of mine!! And I love giving them as gifts!! This special ministry of yours is wonderful! I have them on my vanity where I see the daily card the first thing of my day!


July 15

The card arrived today and it is serenely lovely. Thank you.


July 18

Hi Lorri,

I got my order from you on Saturday and was thrilled. The box is amazing. It is so pretty I hated to open it. The cards were nicer then I had thought that they would be. Your products are absolutely wonderful. The Christmas card sample is just what I want.

Thank you again for the wonderful cards.

July 25

Hi, Lorri.

I received your promise "keepers" today, and they're wonderful. Thanks so much for the extra set you made for me — I love them! Keep up the good work, and thanks again.


July 26

Subject: Cards are just wonderful!

Hi Lorri,

Your cards arrived & I love them! While I can't wait to send them, I'll be sorry to part with them. Even your mailing box is too pretty to get rid of!

I'll be back for more, soon.
Laura & Jim L.

July 27

Hi Lorri,

I got the latest order on Friday and just love it. The Christmas cards are perfect. My husband was very pleased with them also. The card "Linda's Shoe" really exceeded my expectations by miles. The card is so well made and very elegant,just totally beautiful. I have ordered two more of the "Linda's Shoe" cards for two very special people.

The box that the order came in was lovely also. The woman who delivered your order to our house remarked that she wished all her packages were so pretty. Thank you again.

My son will be graduating next May with his Master's in Community Counseling. Please try to think of a really special card for this occasion. It has been a very long and hard journey for him to get this degree. I want to make the graduation very special. Also during the same month my husband and I will be married thirty years and I would like to give him a special card also. Since there is a great deal of time before either event there is no rush at all. I just wanted to mention these two events so that you would start to think of ideas for them.

Have a pleasant day.Take care.
Pat L.

July 30

Dear Lorri,
Thank you for your prompt service to send my mother (Marie West) her birthday gift last week. I spoke with her and she loved the inspirational cards.

Your satisfied customer,
Tammy from Florida

August 4

Lorri -- I have been looking around your website and I am very impressed with your work. It is exactly the type of product I would like to carry in my store. Are you interested in this type of arrangement with a store in the Denver Metro area?

Let me know your thoughts, please. And, no matter what the answer, best of luck with your business!


August 9

Dear Lorri,

I have never seen such a magnificent card! Your work is sensational and I feel so lucky to have found you. How beautiful is was that you hung tiny, meaningful little charms from the various pictures you hung together - like the house key and the heart and the others.

If you haven't done it yet, you need to make certain that newspapers write articles about your creativity. I would love to see other things that you have done because I hope that you may be able to do some holiday cards for me to give to people in my family.

With much gratitude,
Patty W.

Aug. 10

Dear Lorri Nussbaum,

We are import goods shop in Japan, and are interested in the products shown in your web site. If you have wholesale price, please send us your price list and further information We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Kenichi Nakajima

August 23

Hi Lorri,

I received your cards this morning. They are outstanding! Thanks, Marty

August 16

Good Morning Lorri,

I received the card on Thursday and have been meaning to write back. You went far and beyond my expectations it is exactily what I was looking for. The card looks beautiful and I know it will make my future daughter-in-law speechless. Thank you for making L's bridal shower a very special one.



This weekend, a couple from your church stayed with us here at our Bed and Breakfast Inn and the husband presented one of your cards to his wife for their anniversary. It was beautiful! I was wondering if you would be interested in selling these cards in our gift shop. We carry only specialty items mainly made in Colorado and most of our items have somewhat of a Victorian theme. Please let me know what you think!

H.R. Events Coordinator

September 13

Hi Lorri,

I am so excited to be ordering from you again. This order is for a wonderful lady that cared for me my whole life who will be turning 97 early next month (and she still going like a 50 year old). I just know she will love your work.


September 24


Your cards arrived today. My husband said I must have exclaimed "O how beautiful" and "Awesome!" 30 times. Your box was so beautiful. It really inspired me and lifted my spirit. God bless you. Your cards are really a wonderful ministry. I can't believe the box arrived all the way to Ohio-- perfect! It was just like you were here and just finished making it. Even our often very grumpty mail man was very blessed.

Thanks. Anne

September 28

The customized baby card you made for me arrived today and it literally took my breath away. I must admit I was a little worried about how it would turn out since I gave so few specifications for it (other than a little less pink and a little less gold than the baby card on your website), but I was right to trust you to make another fabulous card. Your cards just keep getting better and better. I have never seen a more beautiful and unique baby card. I almost want to keep it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Dr. A.J.

October 10

Lorri - thank you so much for the beautiful art cards - each one is a work of art and my friends will appreciate receiving them each and every time.


October 11

Dear Lorri,

I just wanted to thank you for the greeting cards I ordered a week ago. Not only did they arrive beautifully packaged, but each is a piece of art on its own. I can’t wait to send them out!

Tina N.

(Note: Tina ordered the "simply" collection - all 12 styles)

Nov. 6


I got my (scripture) cards yesterday and I LOVE them.

Thank you so much!
Praise and Worship Ministries

Nov. 4

Hi Lorri,

I received the cards and as usual, they were beautiful. You’ve done such a nice job making them all unique in their way. All of the feedback that I’ve received was wonderful. Thank you for such good, creative work.


November 18


I received the cards and they were even more amazing then I expected. Thank you so much for getting them her in such a timely manner. The box that they arrived in was such a pleasant surprise. I will definitely be recommending your cards to everyone. I look forward to future occasions that will require such a special card.


December 1


The order arrived so quickly and it is great. I will be placing another order soon. I am giving these as a gift to my 10th grade girls Sunday School class for Christmas.

Thanks again,

December 3

Dear Lorri,

Thank you for you prompt reply. I reordered Elaine's as well as Ken. I now have 3 promise keeperscards coming.

I received mine as a gift and it blesses me each day. Thank you for a wonderful gift idea and encouragement. Bless your day!!!

Thank you. -Colleen

December 4

Have just received your exquisite cards. I am delighted with what you have done. They are lovely, personal, refined. Just what I had imagined. I will get back with you on Monday about another project I have in mind as a gift to a girlfriend. Must rush.

Martine (www.upstagedhomes.com)

December 10

Hello Lorri,

Just home from what I hope was the last serious road trip for the year to find your cards here waiting for me. How so VERY COOL!!!

Everything appears to have arrived in fine shape - the inscription looks great - the "stamp" and personalization that you put on the back is simply killer (we've had this done in previous years but simply didn't ask this year due to the time constraints) as it makes "your" cards feel like "our" cards. (If that makes any sense?)

Again, many, many thanks and have a joyful holiday season!


December 24


A zilliion thanks! I just received my shipment today. I can't thank you enough. May you have a Christ-filled Christmas and a joyous New Year!

In Him,

February 5

Thanks Lorri,

I know my friend Dorie will enjoy her gift. I'll probably send more as an occaision will call for it. It really has been one of the dearest I ever received!

Thanks Again,